Arens Performing Arts Centre

(SVD Theatre and Conference Centre)

Written by Hsiao-Han Chen;
Revised by Father Bauer

Ⅰ. Brief History

The SVD Theatre and Conference Centre was initiated and established by the SVD Section of Fu Jen Catholic University on March 5, 1999 at a special blessing ceremony. In November, the administration of the centre was taken by the General Affairs Office of the Colleges of Foreign Languages and Literature, Science and Engineering, and Human Ecology. This multi-functional centre is a well-designed specialized thrust-stage theatre, well equipped not only for drama and other performances, but also for international academic conferences. In the 1998 School Year, the Foreign Languages College Theater, the Multi-media Center, and Graduate Institute of Translation and Interpretation Studies took over responsibility for the related affairs of the centre. In the first semester of the 1999 academic year, the SVD theatre and Conference Centre(SVDTCC)became part of the newly established Development Committee of SVD. However, in the second semester, this centre was transferred to the General Affairs Office of the above three colleges. In February, 2002, this centre was joined with the Multi-media Center by the section vice president. In addition, according to the development committee of the SVD section, the centre was re-named the Arens Performing Arts Centre in order to commemorate one of the founders of the re-establishment of Fu Jen Catholic University in Taiwan, Father Richard Arens, SVD.

Previous and Incumbent Concurrent Directors of the APAC

Sr. HSIAO Ju-Shan (2000~2002) (the director of General Affairs Office of SVD)

CHEN Shu-Zen (2002~2003) (French Department)

Cecilia H. C. Liu(2003~ )(English Department)

劉慶瑞 R. C. Liu (2007-2008) (Japanese Department)

Ⅱ.Special Features

The Arens Theatre and Conference Centre is a unique multi-functional theatre. Its ingenious and specialized design not only satisfies the needs of various theatrical and arts performances, but also can be transformed into a comfortable, well-equipped international conference space.

1. The specialized theatre has been planned thoroughly to include safe, well-constructed features.

The centre features a state of the art lighting system, a secure fly system, high-quality sound and intercom equipment, a conference system with super highlight projector, and a fine central air-conditioning system. These facilities enable the centre to do creative experimental performances with various visual images, and also offer unusual artistic presentations on the thrust stage.

2. In order to hold international conferences successfully, the centre offers an excellent sound system, a conference discussion system, and specialized conference interpretation equipment, and can be assisted with a visual-signal super projector.

The advanced high-quality sound system satisfies various requirements for sound effects for conferences or special activities. Through a high-quality super projector with diverse visual resources on a 300-inch screen, vivid images can be projected. In addition, a superior interpreting system enhances multi-language communication.

3. The adjacent space is well designed for convenient theatrical and conference functions.

The main hall is roomy and comfortable. The technical operation space is well designed, and the adjoining space well planned. The dressing and make-up rooms for actors, the director waiting rooms and the vip rooms are all conveniently located. Furthermore, there is an exhibition hall downstairs with an adjacent service area. In addition, a corridor hall can be used for tea breaks on the first floor. A side-entrance to the back stage makes the transportation of large stage properties easy.

4. Trained personnel run and manage the multi-functional theatre and conference centre.

Two main workers at the centre deal with relevant responsibilities. One is in charge of the management and administration of this centre, providing tours and applications, as we as maintaining daily affairs and purchasing. When activities are taking place, this worker operates the ight system and supervises preparations and rehearsals. Another main worker is responsible for the operation of the sound system and related techniques. In addition to the above jobs, the worker also helps to support in technical operation of the audio and video studios located at the multi-media center of the CFL.

Ⅲ. Services and facilities

Services and Facilities of The Arens Theatre and Conference Centre

a) Offering tours of the centre, accepting applications and scheduling activities

Potential users tour different areas of the centre and receive an introduction of related facilities and equipment. The main hall has a seating capacity of 200 and offers convenient adjoining space. The application methods and management rules of the centre are introduced to users.

b) Operation or supervision of center facilities to run different activities

The operation of the specialized facilities of the centre is mainly controlled by our two workers. However, students or other professional technicians are welcomed to handle equipment after instruction. The secure and skilled operation of related facilities, including the lighting, sound, intercom, fly and projection systems, is our greatest concern.

c) The operating of the sound system, arrangement of the conference discussion system, linking of media resources with the super projector, and the application of conference translation equipment are services we offer for professional conferences.

We assist in the running of various kinds of conferences, for example, meetings, forums, workshops, or even job training. Here we control the sound quality, assist in linking of the high -quality super projector with various audio-visual resources of the client, such as computer programs, DVD, VCD or VHS tapes, to be presented on the 300-inch screen. Moreover, the application of our conference translation equipment can aid international multi-lingual communication with no obstacle.

d) The management and lending of related objects or accessory devices to enhance the running of activities

Users can borrow related accessory devices from the centre, such as conference tables, cloths, wood stands for conferences, the fog machine, the spot light, side-light stands, black wooden cubes, lighting go-bos and Irises, and colored-gel holders.

e) We arrange technical training workshops regularly each semester to enhance the understanding of our multi-functional theatre.

We regularly arrange technical training for lighting, and sound systems or other related workshops in order to demonstrate technical operations and promote performing arts. Furthermore, more potential users getting to know the facilities of the centre and its operational methods is helpful to inspire the development of future artistic workers and to promote theatrical education and technical security.

Ⅳ. Future Prospects

Future prospects of the Arens Theatre and Conference Centre

a) To provide a comfortable, safe, professional and specialized place for conferences, performances and special activities.

b) To promote international academic exchange and enhance appreciation for diverse cultures.

c) To promote the performing arts, to enhance theatrical education and the cultivation of culture and arts on campus.

d) To offer feedback for society and enrich the artistic and cultural life of the nearby Hsinchuang area.

Ⅴ. Contact

Information For further inquiry, please contact the office of The Arens Theatre and Conference Centre.

Telephone: (02) 29031111 ext.2103

Fax: (02) 2906-7248